GasTeh engineering team constructs all types of thermo-technical, thermal power and gas plants and installations on “turnkey” basis. We are engaged in the preparation of bids, control of design documentation, preparation of documentation for the handover of a building and supervision of the execution of the design.

GasTeh performs gasification of industrial facilities and the conversion of all consumers of liquid fuel to gaseous fuelin a modern wayaccording to the engineering system.

Well-equipped teams will arrive in the shortest possible time anywhere on the territory of Serbia.

We also perform our activities outside the territory of Serbia, and we have performed works on construction of buildings in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We hold the following licenses for the construction of buildings:

• I031M1 – thermo-technical, thermal power, processing and gas installations for international and main gas and oil pipelines for transportation, for gas pipelines of nominal working overpressure over 16 bar if they are passing through the territory of at least two municipalities, for storages of oil, gas and petroleum products with the capacity exceeding 500 tons.
• 2141000 – thermo-technical installations
• 2142000 – thermal power installations
• 2143000 – gas installations
• Decision on the fulfillment of conditions for maintenance of indoor gas installations