Production program
Direct action pressure regulators and pilot operatedpressure regulators
Safety blow-off and relief valves
Safety slam shut-off valves
Gas globe and control valves
Non-return and  check valves
Multiple heads
Insulating flanges and joints
Gas processing equipment
Measuring and indicating devices
Industrial burners and furnaces
Compressed natural gas (CNG)
Measuring and control stations for CNG
– single line
– multiline
Platform for the transport of CNG
Proizvodnja gasne opreme, gasne stanice, gasni regulatori

Through the years, our production capacities have increased.

Регуляторы давления газа
Design & Engineering

GasTeh engineering team constructs all types ofthermo-technical, thermal power and gas plants and installations on “turnkey” basis.

Регуляторы давления газа
Accredited Laboratory

GasTeh Laboratory acts as a separate organizational unit within GasTeh.

Service 24/7
GasTeh performs servicing of produced gas equipment, as well as the equipment from other manufacturers, commissioning of the equipment, regular annual and periodic inspections and examinations of internal gas installations.

Call us and our well-equipped teamswill arrive in the shortest possible time anywhere on the territory of Serbia and in the region.

Social Responsibility
Регуляторы давления газа

GasTeh holds numerous certificates and pays special attention to environmental protection.

Profit and Loss Account