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“GasTeh“ d.o.o. – A leader in the technology for the use of natural and liquefied petroleum gas in the region.
The production program, products and services of GasTeh reflect the high expertise and many years of experience in the development and production of equipment and plants for natural gas, propane-butane (liquid petroleum gas), compressed natural gas, mixed gas, and other technical gases.

icon_widget_image Monday-Friday: 8am to 4pm; Satuday: 8ap to 2pm icon_widget_image Kralja Petra I b.b., 22320 Indjija – Serbia icon_widget_image +381 (0) 22 561 630 +381 (0) 22 510-064 icon_widget_image office@gasteh.com 248040@mail.ru
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GasTeh performs servicing of produced gas equipment, as well as the equipment from other manufacturers, commissioning of the equipment, regular annual and periodic inspections and examinations of internal gas installations. Call us and our well-equipped teams will arrive in the shortest possible time anywhere on the territory of Serbia and in the region. +381 (0) 22 561 630, +381 (0) 22 555-132, +381 (0) 22 510-064