GasTeh Laboratory acts as a separate organizational unit within the Quality Department with special tasks and powers and with its own management which is an integral part of the management system of the entire enterprise.

For the works on testing, as well as the formation and management of documentation, staff which has many years of experience in these types of works has been selected (over 10 yrs.).

Based on experience and dedicated work we have proven the competence of the laboratory and thus were granted a Decision on gas technology laboratoryaccreditation(the first decisiondating as far back as 29/09/2004) by the Accreditation Body of Serbia – ATS (former Yugoslav Accreditation Body – JUAT).

PDF IKONA Decision on laboratory accreditation

PDF IKONA Scope of accreditation

PDF IKONA Business Registers Agency – APR

PDF IKONA Accreditation

PDF IKONA Decision of maintain accreditation

Laboratory testingis performed mainly on finished products and buildings of GasTeh and on products of other manufacturers that are covered by regular maintenance and periodic inspections conducted by GasTeh within the service activities.

Testing is done on modern equipment for testing and the obtained test results are displayed and stored on the computer in the form of charts and reports.

After the testing is completed, a test report is issued for every product that was the subject of testing.