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Axial gas pressure regulator 135-AX

Axial gas pressure regulator 135-AX for low and medium gas pressure

Axial pressure regulator type 135-AX initially (when there is no gas in the pipeline) is in the closed position, i.e. the membrane forced by the spring is pressed against the regulator seat. The pilot is in the closed position. When gas enters the installations, it reaches the membrane through the inlet flange and tends to supress it together with the spring pad and the diaphragm tensioner and open the regulator by overpowering the spring force. The inlet pressure reaches the orifice through the connector at the inlet flange. Fine tuning of the choke valve at the inlet generates the pressure that is further distributed in two directions: to top membrane chamber and to the regulator pilot. The pressure that reached the chamber tends to open the regulator together with the spring, while the pressure at the regulator pilot acts on the seat and the membrane and opens it. The task of the pilot regulator is to establish a control pressure required for the regulator operation. When the pressure at the regulator outlet reaches the set value, the balance of forces in the pilot and the regulator is established. This means that the control pressure reached the value required to realised the required position of the regulator membrane in relation to the seat. In the case of the outlet pressure increase, the pilot starts to close and the higher control pressure acts on the membrane and closes the regulator, thus reducing the outlet pressure to the set value. In the case of the outlet pressure decrease, the opposite happens. Inormal operating conditions, the valve is closed. It is used to establish a connection between the pressures under and above the membrane and keeps the regulator in the closed position. The valve is used for the first start-up and after servicing the regulator and the regulation line.

Pilot operation

Gas pressure regulators type 135-AX are equiped with a pilot type: 117. Pilot type: 117 is used for low and medium pressure control. In the absence of pressure, pilot is in open position, i.e. force of the spring, through stirrup act on the rod and maintain the nozzle opened. Letting the gas (inlet gas in regulator p ) in installation, gas flow through the pilot and through impuls pipe act on upper side of regulator 1 diaphragm. Outlet pressure from regulator p2, through impuls pipe, act on diaphragm, which together with spring maintain the control pressure p constant. Control pressure is through impuls pipe bringed up at the upper side of regulator diaphragm. At the setted value of control pressure, pilot is still opened, and gas flow from upper dipahragm hosuing of regulator to upper dipahragm housing of regulator. Further increase od pressure p2 close the pilot and pressure in uper and lower dipahragm housing is equalised. Regulator spring close the regulator. Set point of control pressure p is established by the adjusting screw and the spring. In order to increase control pressure, rotate clockwise the adjusting screw , and to decrease the control pressure rotate counterclockwise the adjusting screw.

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