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On January 23, 2020, the book “Manual for Gas Technology” by Miroljub Sadžaković and Martin Bogner was presented at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade.

More than 120 guests were greeted by the Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Radivoje Mitrović and the director of GasTech from Inđija, Bratislav Sadžaković.

Then the guests were addressed by prof. Miroslav Stanojević reminded them of this year’s 33rd International Congress of Processing ’20, which is organized by SMEITS with the support of the Department of Process Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Prof. M. Stanojević emphasized that in the last few years, special emphasis has been given to the field of fittings. Colleague Nenad Čađen presented one control valve from the GasTech production program.

In the end, prof. Martin Bogner informed the audience about the content of the manual, and that this promotion was organized with GasTech as a tribute to the late Miroljub Sadžaković, and his sincere and dedicated work on the production program of GasTech.

CIM GAS participated in the preparation of the 3rd supplemented edition, with an appendix on gas flow meters manufactured by Itron (Germany), which make this book a complete manual in the field of measurement and control technology.

GasTech provided a copy of the manual as a gift to each participant in the promotion. After the promotion, socializing continued at a cocktail party.

In 2015, the company GasTech was the general sponsor of Processing ’15, while CIM GAS, as a sponsor, has been participating in the International Congress and Exhibition on HVAC for several years.

  1. January 2020.